IFOAM Action Group

Diversification of its structures is a key part of IFOAM's strategy. 

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IFOAM takes a proactive approach to organizing at the regional level as well as along sector specific lines. Beyond Global IFOAM, the IFOAM Action Group is home to IFOAM Regional Bodies, IFOAM Sector Platforms and IFOAM Daughter Organizations.

Regional Bodies and Sector Platforms, two different kinds of Self-Organized Structures (SoS), enrich IFOAM's web of activities according to regional and sectoral priorities. IFOAM Daughter Organizations are devoted to explicit tasks such as accreditation and funding support.

Picture from the Action Group summit 2013 @ Biofach, Nürnberg

To date there are six Regional, two National Bodies, five Sector Platforms and two Daughter Organizations, and the IFOAM Action Group is growing. 

IFOAM Regional Bodies

IFOAM National Bodies

IFOAM Sector Platforms

IFOAM Daughter Organizations

  • Organic World Foundation. The OWF is actively supporting us in securing funding for core activities as well as increasing awareness of the benefits of organic production the world over.
  • IOAS - International Organic Agriculture Accreditation Service. The IOAS focuses solely on the continued growth of the organic market by providing a transparent and respected system of assessment against nationally and internationally agreed upon standards.