BOKK Project


Bridges for Organic Knowledge in Korea
Building Capacity for Organic Agriculture in DPR Korea

The BOKK project is a partnership implemented by IFOAM and the organic stakeholders from DPR Korea. Local implementation of the activities is under the coordination of the Pyongyang International Information Center for New Technology and Economy (PIINTEC), the only currently authorized IFOAM member in DPR Korea. The project started in January 2012, the total duration is of 48 months.


This project is co-financed by the European Commission.

The aim of the project is to provide DPR Korea stakeholders with technical training, institutional strengthening and strengthened networking abilities on organic agriculture, but also to establish sustainable relationships between these institutions and foreign partners with relevant know-how.


IFOAM staff based in Germany and China are working in close cooperation to provide required training to the staff of PIINTEC and the local project coordinator hosted by and selected with the help of PIINTEC. This project will therefore be an opportunity to develop operational skills of PIINTEC's staff, especially in terms of project planning, management, monitoring and communication with foreign counterparts.

Activities completed during the first 2 years (2012/2013) include: 

  • Analysis of the national situation in its regional context
  • Introductury Trainings of DPRK stakeholders of various institutions by international experts in DPRK and in China 
  • National workshop for identifying knowledge and information gaps and foster cooperation
  • Establishment of a Capacity Building and Network Center for organic Agriculture
  • Participation of DPRK delegates in the Chengdu Organic Summit and Organic Rice Conference 

Among the activities planned for the remaining 2 years (2014/2015) are: 

  • Targeted trainings of DPRK stakeholders
  • Training for extension trainers in DPRK and abroad
  • Participation of DPRK delegates in international conferences and organic events (e.g. Biofach China, IFOAM Organic World Congress) 

For more details, please contact c [dot] kirchner [at] ifoam [dot] org (Cornelia Kirchner )(IFOAM Project Coordinator)

Field demonstration at introductory training in DPRK



Field demonstration at the introductory training




National workshop in the newly established Capacity Building and Networking Center


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