IFOAM Action Group Pre-Conference to the OWC 2014

Strengthening IFOAM in the Global GMO Debate

IFOAM is involved in different advocacy campaigns with the aim of efficiently promoting Organic Agriculture on a global level. This conference will provide an overview of IFOAM's campaigns and the opportunity to further develop the strategy of the body as well as joint activities. 

Target Group: The IFOAM Action Group: Board & Staff members as well as Members of IFOAM Self-organized Structures (SoS), which are both Regional Bodies as well as Sector Platforms.

Objective: The Pre-Conference in Istanbul has the objective to inform and involve the members of IFOAM Self-organized Structures. The desired outcome is the definition and planning of joint activities that will successfully strenghten IFOAM in the GMO debate on global and regional level. 

Expected results: 

  • Status quo of the current IFOAM Advocacy campaings
  • Exchange on challenges and opportunities for Organic Agriculture in the various campaigns on and around GMOs 
  • Define the tools needed for successful GMO campaiging
  • A joint GMO campaign startegy for Global IFOAM together with Regional Bodies and Sector Platforms
  • Revised GMO Campaign strategies for SoS'

For more information please click Call for GMO Debate

Program Outline:

  1. Opening - IFOAM President
  2. IFOAM's advocacy campaigns  - update
  3. World Cafe: Campaigning together against GMOs
  4. SoS Bazaar:  Meet & Greet & Exchange
  5. Reflection of Results in the SoS' - review own campaign strategy and consider new activities
  6. Exhibition of Results & Conclusions

See the draft agenda of the Pre-Conference

Number of participants expected: 40-60

Registration: Please send an email with your name and name of organization to
                         I [dot] Valiyev [at] ifoam [dot] org for planning purposes - 
                         best before September 15, 2014  No registration fee will be charged.