Public Consultations

Have your say in shaping the organic movement!

As an umbrella organization representing the organic movement in its full diversity, we need and value your comments and feedback when designing best practice references, strategic contributions and position papers.

Our success has not been achieved alone but is the result of the cumulated efforts of our affiliates, friends and allies.  

Ongoing public consultation:

May 2, 2014 to July 2, 2014: How does the organic movement define what "organic" means for aquaculture?

Organic aquaculture is a sector in fast development. Several countries now have regulations for organic aquaculture and more countries are developing them. Can the “organic” concept of organic really accomodate aquaculture, and if so, on what scale? 

For example, many species currently raised in organic aquaculture systems are carnivorous and are fed on leftovers from so-called 'sustainable fisheries', i.e. feed that is not certified organic and that may negatively impact wild fish stocks and ecosystems. Is 'organic' the best concept to describe those systems? Help us answer this, and other fundamental questions, by filling in our survey questionnaire. The consultation will end on July 2, 2014. Feedback must be sent to ogs [at] ifoam [dot] org. Results of the consultation will serve to guide the IFOAM Standard Committee in the drafting of the next version of the IFOAM Standard.