European Parliament rejects the Commission's seed regulation proposal

Today, the European Parliament rejected the Commission’s proposal for a new regulation on plant propagating material. This shows that the future of seed is of major societal concern and cannot be dealt with in a rush and on the basis of a text that contains many flaws.

The Commission must now make use of the “extended summer break” – the time before the new Parliament starts its legislative work - to come up with significantly improved proposals that ensure market access for those seed producers that preserve and develop our genetic diversity and remove bureaucratic rules unfairly restricting their entry. Agro-biodiversity must be the focus of new seed marketing rules. This means:
•    Farmers and gardeners must be free to exchange and sell seed to the end user without any bureaucratic burden
•    Traditional varieties and new varieties and populations that are bred using traditional methods and have a broad intra-varietal genetic spectrum must be allowed to access to the EU single market with a simplified registration on the basis of an officially recognised description
•    When testing varieties bred for organic farming and low input conditions criteria must be adapted accordingly
•    Breeding methods must be made transparent when a variety is registered
•    These possibilities must be given a solid basis in the legal text and not depend on delegated acts to be drafted by the Commission afterwards

European Parliament press release