Scope of Organic Agriculture


IFOAM regards any system that is based on the Principles of Organic Agriculture and uses organic methods, as ‘Organic Agriculture’ and any farmer practicing such a system as an ‘organic farmer’. This includes various forms of certified and non-certified Organic Agriculture. Guarantee Systems may be for instance third party certification, including group certification, as well as participatory guarantee systems.


Below you will find the IFOAM positon on the Full Diversity of Organic Agriculture which details "What we call Organic".



Position on the full diversity of Organic Agriculture (en)
Position sur la diversité de la notion d'agriculture biologique et la diversité de sa réalisation (fr)
Posición sobre la diversidad completa de la agricultura orgánica - Lo que llamamos orgánico (es)

Infosheet - The Full Diversity of Organic Agriculture (en)
Nota de Información - Toda la Diversidad de la Agricultura Orgánica (es)
Fiche informative - Toute la Diversité de l'Agriculture Biologique (fr)