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The Global PGS Newsletter is a bi-monthly e-newsletter with updates on developments in Participatory Guarantee Systems around the world. Subscription is free.
The newsletter receives contributions from the PGS community all over the world, including the IFOAM PGS committee members, PGS practitioners, government representatives, farmers, consumers, etc.
The latest issue is archived here after being sent to subscribers.
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To subscribe and receive bi-monthly the latest issue via email, just pgs [at] ifoam [dot] org (subject: Subscribe) (send an email to the PGS Team.)
Would you like to submit your own contribution? Please get in touch with the  pgs [at] ifoam [dot] org (subject: Contribution%20to%20the%20PGS%20Newsletter) (PGS Coordinator.)
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All previous issues are archived here. You can download the issues listed bellow for free. 
If you are looking for news refering to a specific country or PGS group in a can use the PGS Newsletter Index to search the issue that includes this information! In this index, the articles published are listed by title. The issues are listed by number, volume, year and month of publication. We have also selected some key words related to the topics covered by each article, as well as the countries or regions featured in each issue's "Continental news". Use this document to browse through the content of the archive, search for specific terms, PGS initiatives, etc.
This is how it works: Download and access the index file (pdf) and use the search box on your PDF reader to look for the topic you are interested in. Then download the corresponding issue below.