Position on the full diversity of Organic Agriculture

IFOAM regards third party certification as a reliable tool for guaranteeing the organic status of a product, and one that appears to be most relevant in an anonymous market. IFOAM has developed a comprehensive system of Norms and an accreditation programme to promote and develop reliable third party certification. But IFOAM does not see this as ‘universal’, and not the only tool to describe Organic Agriculture.

Apart from third party certification there are other methods to assure the market place of quality in Organic Agriculture. These can be in the form of self-declarations or participatory guarantee systems. There are also situations where the relation between the consumer and the producers are strong enough to serve as a sufficient trust building mechanism, and no particular other verification is needed. In this position paper, IFOAM elaborates its position on alterantive quality assuarance mechanisms.


Position on the full diversity of Organic Agriculture (en)
Position sur la diversité de la notion d'agriculture biologique et la diversité de sa réalisation (fr)
Posición sobre la diversidad completa de la agricultura orgánica - Lo que llamamos orgánico (es)

Infosheet - The Full Diversity of Organic Agriculture (en)
Nota de Información - Toda la Diversidad de la Agricultura Orgánica (es)
Fiche informative - Toute la Diversité de l'Agriculture Biologique (fr)