IAHA - Animal Husbandry Alliance


The IFOAM General Assembly in Korea in October 2011 passed a recommendation, that animal husbandry should be givenmuch more emphasis as there are many challenges, such as animal welfare deficits, breeding techniques, animal health, feeding (roughage versus concentrates) through a world-wide platform. As a result, a group of initiators, supported by the IFOAM World Board, started preparations for such platform. In the end of November 2012 the IFOAM World Board approved the platform, creating the IFOAM Animal Husbandry Alliance (IAHA).


IAHA is an informal network of persons/groups interested in support, strengthen and stimulate the development of organic animal husbandry. It is an IFOAM Sector Platform that focuses on animal husbandry and it is a think tank within the IFOAM Action Group. IAHA allows IFOAM affiliates to integrate organic animal husbandry knowledge, concerns, positions, and issues into the work of IFOAM and the Organic Movement.

Its outcomes and relevance include, but are not limited to:

  • Inputs for IFOAM norms developments and IFOAM position papers;
  • Contribute to IFOAM’s advocacy for organic livestock and livestock keepers;
  • Inputs for the stakeholders of the Organic Movement, e.g. national organizations, certification bodies, research institutions, communicators, policy setters etc.
  • Facilitate learning for national organic sectors and actors that want to catch up in their animal husbandry development.

Working forums

IAHA builds working forums initiated by core group members or other IAHA participants to address a certain issue. Each working forum (e.g. Forum on animal welfare, sustainable animal health practices or use of medical plants for animal health) defines its terms of reference, its objectives, and its mode of working, the forum participants and its time span. The core group compiles the results of the working group and makes them available to the interested audience. Want to be part of it? Send an email to Iaha [at] ifoam [dot] org.

Participation at conferences

The first presentation and meeting of IAHA occurred during the IFOAM Husbandry Conference, in September 2012, in Hamburg. IAHA is engaged at the IFOAM Organic World Congress (OWC) in Istanbul/Turkey, October 13-15, 2014. IAHA will organize on the afternoon of the 12th of October 2014 an OWC pre-conference on organic animal husbandry on developments in different areas of the world with a focus on development and research needs around the world.

At the main OWC conference, IAHA will organize a workshop session, where the main focus will be to gather and discuss the main elements for an International Action Plan for organic animal husbandry 2014-2017.  More information can be found on the OWC Congress website: www.owc2014.org

Steering group (in September 2012):

  • Otto Schmid ( Switzerland): otto [dot] schmid [at] fibl [dot] org
  • Angela Escosteguy (Brazil) :angela [at] ibembrasil [dot] org
  • Chris Atkinson (UK): catkinson [at] soilassociation [dot] org
  • Mahesh Chander (India): mahesh64 [at] email [dot] com
  • François Labelle (Canada): flabelle [at] valacta [dot] com

Download material: IAHA results from questionnaire


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