The IFOAM Organic Guarantee System

The IFOAM OGS underwent a major revision process between 2003 and 2010 and contains the following components, which are all based on the IFOAM Norms:


    IFOAM Family of Standards - service for 
     standard owners
A global framework to approve organic standards!


2014 IFOAM Norms cover   

IFOAM Standard - service for certifiers

An off-the-shelf globally applicable certification standard!



     IFOAM Accreditation and 
     IFOAM Global Organic System Accreditation
     Services for certifiers delivered by the IOAS


Global Organic Mark Europe

     Global Organic Mark - service for operators
     An international label for organic products!

Get updates on the latest and archived OGS news through the OGS Courier, a free electronic newsletter informing about the development in the IFOAM Organic Guarantee System.

A number of publications on guarantee system topics can be found in our Library.

IFOAM’s work to promote harmonization and equivalence has mostly been conducted through a long-term partnership with FAO and UNCTAD, implemented first under the ITF Project and subsequently under the GOMA project (Global Organic Market Access). IFOAM also comments on other organic standards and regulations, with a view to promote harmonization, equivalence and improvement of standards.

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Additionally, IFOAM promotes guarantee systems that facilitate market access for small producers and has generated a number of tools, recommendations and positions to this end. See links below for further information. 

An alternative for smallholder producers.
Certified through Internal Control Systems (ICS).
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