IFOAM advocates to mainstream organic agriculture into agricultural policies at the international level.  We closely monitor all food and agriculture related international policy making processes. 

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Latest News

  • IFOAM supports and pledges for UN"s Zero Hunger Challenge. Find out more
  • IFOAM EU call for best practice examples in sustainable water management in organic production and processing. Find out more 
  • MEPS confirm that environmental concerns can justify GMO bans, EU Commission and Council must follow. Find out more
  • Preparing a strategy for organic farming and agro-ecological approcahes for the international climate change negotiations. Read more
  • IFOAM Eu presents GMO-Free Project at Natural Products Scandinavia Fair. Read more
  • Together with IFOAM Ambassadors, we campaign for the greater uptake of organic engagement at national and international levels. Find out more.
  • Multi stakeholder policy dialogue fora highlighted the present and potential contribution of family farmers at the Global Dialogue on Family Farming in Rome. IFOAM supported a side event  “Family Farming, Public Policies of Development and Research in Argentina”. Find out more.  
  • IFOAM EU Press Release: Ministers Question Organic Regulation Proposal. Read More.
  • Organic Consumer Assoc. calls on Hillary Clinton to support public and environmental health and not MONSANTO. Find out more.
  • IFOAM President Andre Leu raised concern of GMOs contamination and illegal introduction in a response to the recent outcome of GMO court case in Australia. Find out more.
  • IFOAM EU called on EU Commission to ensure the reformation of Common Agriculture Policy as recommended. Read More
  • Organic farmers hone in on supply issues in Organic Trade Association Conference, USA. Read more.
  • Two Oregon Counties in USA vote to ban genetic engineering crops despite massive contributions by Monsanto and Corporate Agribusiness. Find out more!
  • Organic stakeholders in EU raised their concern over the new Organic EU regulations. Find out more.

Going Organic in East Africa

Listen to the story of Kilimo Hai, how three smallholder farmers in Tanzania and Kenya escaped poverty, hunger and diminishing yields by learning organic farming practices in the context of the IFOAM project Regional Cooperation for Organic Standards and Certification Capacity in East Africa.          


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