IFOAM advocates to mainstream organic agriculture into agricultural policies at the international level.  We closely monitor all food and agriculture related international policy making processes. 

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Latest News

  • IFOAM EU Press Release: Ministers Question Organic Regulation Proposal. Read More.
  • Organic Consumer Assoc. calls on Hillary Clinton to support public and environmental health and not MONSANTO. Find out more.
  • IFOAM President Andre Leu raised concern of GMOs contamination and illegal introduction in a response to the recent outcome of GMO court case in Australia. Find out more.
  • IFOAM EU called on EU Commission to ensure the reformation of Common Agriculture Policy as recommended. Read More
  • Organic farmers hone in on supply issues in Organic Trade Association Conference, USA. Read more.
  • Two Oregon Counties in USA vote to ban genetic engineering crops despite massive contributions by Monsanto and Corporate Agribusiness. Find out more!
  • Organic stakeholders in EU raised their concern over the new Organic EU regulations. Find out more.
  • UN Climate Chief: IPCC Science Underlines Urgency to Act Towards a Carbon Neutral World. Read more.
  • IFOAM EU Statement: New EU promotional policy must be used to increase awareness of organic production. On 15 April the European Parliament adopted revised legislation on promoting EU agricultural products on internal markets and third countries, giving special attention to organic. Find out more!
  • IFOAM highlights the plights of smallholder farmers. On Earth Day, IFOAM cautioned that unless small scale farmers are given the agro-ecological technologies they need too meet the challenges presented by climate changes, impacts on food production will be devastating, pushing millions into poverty. Read more.
  • New project to provide comparative scientific evidence on the economic performance of organic farming in Africa. Read more.


The story of Kilimo Hai                                                     


Ongoing and Upcoming Events

23/06- 27/06

UN Environmental Assembly UNEP, Nairobi
30/06-  02/07Conference on Policies against Hunger, Berlin
30/06- 04/07Coux Dialogue on Land and Security, Switzeland
22/07-25/07Second Global Partnership Plenary, Rome
01/08 -02/08Family Farming in the 21st Century: Opportunities & Challenges, IYFF, India
28/08- 30/083rd West African Organic Conference
16/09- 28/0969th Session of the UN General Assembly, New York City
23/09- 24/09UN Climate Summit


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