IFOAM is the only organization advocating for
Organic Agriculture at the international level. 

IFOAM Ambassador Volkert Engelsman helps FAO inaugurate 2015 - The International Year of Soils.

We closely monitor all food and agriculture related international policy making processes. Our core campaigns are related to:

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“We are in great need of capacity building and training opportunities to help smallholder farmers create high yielding organic ecological systems that can take them out of food insecurity and put them into prosperity.”  

-President Andre Leu speaking at the FAO Agroeology Symposium

Latest News

  • IFOAM organizes COP20 side event: Building Resilience to Climate Change and Managing Disaster Risks through Sustainable AgricultureFind out more.
  • IFOAM and SOCLA release publication on the role of ecological farming in mitigating climate change. Find out more.
  • IFOAM supports the UN Zero Hunger ChallengeFind out more

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Going Organic in East Africa

Listen to the story of Kilimo Hai, how three smallholder farmers in Tanzania and Kenya escaped poverty, hunger and diminishing yields by learning organic farming practices in the context of the IFOAM project Regional Cooperation for Organic Standards and Certification Capacity in East Africa.          


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