Regional Activities

Regional development was the focus of the decision of the IFOAM General Assembly in Korea in October 2011. The membership approved a concept which strengthens the existing Regional Bodies both financially through a certain percentage of the global IFOAM membership fees  to invest in regional development as well as structurally by providing more adminstrative support to RBs. The concept also includes the mandate to proactively establish new bodies in so far uncovered areas. 

IFOAM Regional Bodies are usually regional and in some cases national initiatives based on IFOAM affiliates specifically in regions and countries, and connected to IFOAM through a “franchise system”. They mirror IFOAM’s structure and follow IFOAM’s principles as they relate to various geographically defined regions. In order to increase its worldwide regional coverage, IFOAM actively encourages the establishment of these bodies. Just like IFOAM, the Regional Bodies are designed to lead, unite and assist the organic movement in its full diversity across all sectors related to the movement, yet they do so in a particular region. Thus, they serve the interests of the organic movement in a particular region by promoting and facilitating regional activities in accordance with IFOAM principles. 

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