Core Advocacy Campaigns

IFOAM advocates for and promotes organic agriculture in the context of global initiatives to address the challenges our planet faces. Below are the core campaigns we are actively engaged in.

food security iconFood Security:   Organic agriculture is an accessible, affordable and empowering system for most smallholders. The low inputs and use of local biodiversity and resources incurs little external costs to subsistence farmers. 

climate change iconClimate Change:   Organic agriculture is a combined policy tool for reducing carbon emissions and increasing captures from agriculture activities besides serving as climate resilience alternative solution.

Biodiversity iconEcological Intensification:  Organic agriculture systems are resilient production systems that draw upon ecological science and traditional farming knowledge. These systems target nature’s abundant ecosystem functions and the genetic traits of plants and animal varieties bred over millennia by organic farmers.

family farming iconFamily Farming:   Family farming and smallholders farmers play important role in food production and rural economies. Adoption of organic agriculture systems can strengthen the social structures, develop innovative networks and promote entrepreneurship.

TOFA iconOrganic for Africa:  The Organic Alternative for Africa (TOFA) aims to sensitize governmental decision makers in Africa on the benefits of organic alternative in sustainable development (including social and economic) for rural and urban communities.


Say NO to GMO: The campaign addresses IFOAM's position in genetic modified organism and related issues in agricuture sector. IFOAM opposes to genetic engineering in agriculture due to scietifically proven unprecedented danger it represents for the entire biosphere and the particular economic and environmental risks it poses for organic producers.