ivory coast


Contact person: Ahui Yesso Jacob
Email of the contact person: ahyejac [at] yahoo [dot] fr
Permanent email: bioivoire [at] yahoo [dot] fr
Postal address: 04 bp 2719 AbIDJAN 04
Phone: +225 20 22 27 90
Fax:: +225 20 22 27 90
Year of Foundation: 2008

  • Promote organic agriculture
  • Facilitate the establishment of organic agri-businesses

Type of Organization: Private company-NGO
Scope of the Organization: Regional-National
Organic Agriculture related main activities: 

  • General promotion of organic agriculture
  • Food security
  • International marketing and trade on organic agriculture
  • Local organic market development
  • Education and training on organic agriculture
  • Research on organic agriculture
  • Rural development/Poverty Alleviation
  • Extension on organic agriculture
  • Policy review for organic agriculture