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IFOAM organizes and participates in numerous conferences around the world. Click below to find a range of resources related to the following events:


Organic and Ecological Agriculture in Mountain Ecosystems 

Thimphu, Bhutan ° March 2014

Bhutan ConferenceBhutan ConferenceBhutan Conference

From 5-8 March 2014 over 100 participants from 30 countries gathered in Bhutan to consider the next steps necessary toward realizing an "Organic Himalya". Participants formulated a declaration, which can be found here.

The statement made by the Farming and Value Systems Workshop, which was led by Andre Leu, IFOAM President, can be found here.

Information on the event can be found here

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Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Organic Farming

Bangkok, Thailand ° December 2013

Asia-Pacific Regional SymposiumAsia-Pacific Regional SymposiumAsia-Pacific Regional Symposium

Over 100 people from around 30 countries came together in Bangkok from 2-4 December 2013 to share knowledge and expertise during the Asia-Pacific Regional Symposium on ‘Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Organic Farming’. Over 40 presentations were made on a diversity of topics related to Production, Marketing, Finance and Education. The second day of this event brought all attendees on a field trip that included a visit to the Thai Organic Farm as well as Sampran Riverside, an award-winning eco-cultural destination supporting numerous local farmers in converting to Organic Agriculture.  We were also very happy to greet Mr. Hiroyuki Konuma, FAO Assistant Director-General and Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific, and Vili A. Fuavao, FAO Deputy Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific at the symposium. 

The symposium Declaration can be found here.

For more information about the event, please see the conference program.

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Organic Farming Innovation Award (OFIA) Summits 

Lima, Peru ° September 2013 & Hamburg, Germany ° September 2012 

In preparation for awarding the next OFIA, the OFIA secretariat and committee organize annual innovation summits. These summits provide a forum to showcase organic innovations and explore areas in Organic Agriculture in need of innovative solutions. 

The first OFIA Summit took take place on September 12, 2012 in Hamburg, Germany, during the 2nd IFOAM Organic Animal Husbandry Conference. The second OFIA Summit, with 250 participants, was embedded in the fourth Latin American Congress on Agroecology in Lima, Peru in September 2013. Innovations from Cuba, Bolivia, Kenya and Korea were showcased. 

These two summits closed with a declaration, which can be downladed here.

More information on the summits can be found here.

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2nd IFOAM Organic Animal Husbandry Conference

Hamburg, Germany ° September 2012 

Animal Husbandry ConferenceAnimal Husbandry ConferenceAnimal Husbandry Conference

Building on the first IFOAM conference in the US in 2006, 155 farmers and scientists from 40 countries solidified partnerships at the 2nd IFOAM International Organic Animal Husbandry Conference. Key figures from around the world presented the diversity of organic livestock systems, as well as ways of navigating complex regulatory frameworks and dealing with other challenges facing the sector.

For more information, see the conference program

Here you can read the conference declaration.

Highlights from the Conference:

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