IFOAM Head Office

IFOAM Head Office staff

Located in Bonn, Germany, the IFOAM Head Office takes care of day-to-day operational actives ranging from membership management and organic program implementation to the organization of leadership courses. The Head Office consists of the following departments:

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Executive Director and Regional Coordinators

Markus Arbenz
Mr. Markus Arbenz, Executive Director 
m.arbenz [at] ifoam.org

Mr. Omkar Gopalakrishnan, ED Assistant
o.gopalakrishnan [at] ifoam.org

Ms. Patricia Flores Escudero, Latin America Coordinator
p.flores [at] ifoam.org

Mr. David Gould, North America Representative

d.gould [at] ifoam.org

Administration Department

Mr. Thomas Cierpka, Deputy Director

t.cierpka [at] ifoam.org


Ms. Monique Fuhrmann, Accountant

m.fuhrmann [at] ifoam.org


Simon Kufferath

Mr. Simon Kufferath, IT Officer

s.kufferath [at] ifoam.org


Mr. Isbandiyar Valiyev, Administration Assistant

i.valiyev [at] ifoam.org

Membership and communications Department

Ms. Denise Godinho, Membership and Communications Manager

d.godinho [at] ifoam.org


Ms. Niamh Holland-Essoh, Communications Coordinator

n.holland [at] ifoam.org


Christina Andrei

Ms. Christina Andrei, Membership Coordinator

c.andrei [at] ifoam.org


Catherine Reynolds

Ms. Catherine Reynolds, Editor 

c.reynolds [at] ifoam.org

Advocacy Department

Gabor Figeczky

Mr. Gabor Figeczky, Advocacy Manager

g.figeczky [at] ifoam.org


Ms. Cristina Grandi, Chief Food Security Campaigner

c.grandi [at] ifoam.org

Value Chain Department 

Ms. Joelle Khatto-Andrighetto, Value Chain Manager

j.katto [at] ifoam.org


Ms. Diane Bowen, Senior Project Manager

d.bowen [at] ifoam.org


Mr. David Gould, Value Chain Facilitator

d.gould [at] ifoam.org


Ms. Flavia Castro, PGS Coordinator (currently on parental leave)

f.castro [at] ifoam.org


Cornelia Kirchner
Ms. Cornelia Kirchner, Value Chain Coordinator

c.kirchner [at] ifoam.org


Anne Thieme

Ms. Anne Thieme, Value Chain Assistant

a.thieme [at] ifoam.org

Programs Department

Konrad Hauptfleisch
Mr. Konrad Hauptfleisch, Programs Manager
k.hauptfleisch [at] ifoam.org

Cornelia Kirchner
Ms. Cornelia Kirchner, Programs Coordinator
c.kirchner [at] ifoam.org

Anne Thieme
Ms. Anne Thieme, Programs Assistant
a.thieme [at] ifoam.org

IFOAM Academy

Konrad Hauptfleisch
Mr. Konrad Hauptfleisch, Academy Manager
k.hauptfleisch [at] ifoam.org

Head Office Contact Details

IFOAM Head Office
Charles-de-Gaulle-Str. 5
53113 Bonn

Phone: +49-228-92650-10
Fax: +49-228-92650-99    
Email: headoffice [at] ifoam.org