IAAA - Amenity Agriculture

On April 17th, 2012, IFOAM Amenity Agriculture Alliance (IAAA) was created by an initiative supported by IFOAM members from China, Germany, Italy, Spain, United States and Japan. It aims to promote the development of the organic agriculture, amenity industry and amenity agriculture globally. IAAA is a self-organizational structure of IFOAM. Headquarters office is sited in Beijing, China. It landmarks the first worldwide organization with global headquarters anchored in China since the founding of the New China in 1949.

By 2013year, the Hainan Provincial Government will, in cooperation the IAAA, organized the first Amenity Agriculture Global Summit. United Nations Under-Secretary-General, FAO, UNCTAD, UNEP, in addition, our government leaders, leaders of relevant ministries and provincial leaders will also be invited to attend.

IAAA also plans to

1)    set up the IFOAM accredited organic agriculture and amenity agriculture certification body in China,  which will seek accreditation by EN, ENOP, JAS and other countries

2)    Establish intercontinental and regional chapters; such as, North American Branch, the Branch in the Middle East, Southeast Asia Branch, etc. 

The IAAA Council is formed by Official Agencies, Working Committee, Intercontinental Committee and Special Committee, Project Committees, Establishment Committees and designated individual.

·      President: Mr. Liu Qingdong

·      Vice President: Mr. Antonio, Compagnoni

·      Vice President: Mr. Charles Choy

·      Secretary-General: Mr. William Vong

·      Vice Secretary-General:  Mr. Deng Wei

·      Vice Secretary-General:  Miss. Edna Leung

Would you like to get involved? Please contact:

·      Mr. Liu Qingdong    E-mail: organicseed [at] vip [dot] sina [dot] com

·      Miss. Edna Leung   E-mail: edna [at] matchless [dot] com [dot] hk