IFOAM advocates for agricultural policies at international level.  We are actively lobbying for food and agriculture related international policy processes to mainstream organic agriculture into the current agriculture practice systems. Download our advocacy brochure for an overview of all pillar activities.

Our core campaigns are related to: Food Security, Climate Change, Ecological Intesification, Family Farming and The Organic for Alternative Africa (TOFA)

Latest news:

  • Europe Commission proposed for better regulations that to consolidate the consumers’ confidence and to and to help the producers and farmers to extend their market within and outside EU. Find out more!
  • New project to provide comparative scientific evidence on the economic performance of organic farming in Africa. Read more.



1.      Klima Hai                                                     


Ongoing and Upcoming Events:

01/04 – 04/04 

International Year of Family Farming-Regional Conference for Europe

30/05Asian Conference on Family Farming - Seoul, South Korea
04/06 – 15/06 Bonn Climate Change Conference



Feel free to download organic agriculture publications related to the our advocacy campaigns.