The IFOAM Academy: Nurturing our talent

Training has always been at the heart of IFOAM and through the Training Platform, the Training Manuals and the Programs Pillar we have been addressing training needs for decades.
ince 2012, with the launch of the first IFOAM Organic Leadership Course in South Asia, training and capacity building finally have its own home in the IFOAM Academy pillar, offering its tailored services to a growing organic sector.

The IFOAM Academy aims to support skills development for the global organic movement by providing capacity building training through the two following programs:

2) Tailored Training Programs

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Our flagship training program is the Organic Leadership Course (OLC) taking place in regions across the globe. The OLC assists to grow networks, build capacity and develop leadership skills in the organic sector.

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The organic pioneers who initiated Organic Agriculture in the early 20th century were impressive personalities. The drivers of organic development today are committed and competent leaders in the organic sector, advanced in their thinking and inspiring in their actions.

They are farmers, activists, scientists, teachers, advisors, networkers, advocates, processors, traders, communicators, certifiers or consumers. Their roles are diverse, but they share a vision of a more sustainable, a healthier and a fairer organic world. Organic development in our current dynamic times, in which the world urgently needs organic solutions to address its environmental and social challenges, is in the hands of our leaders worldwide.

Organic people can be organic leaders. Leadership needs talent, vision and commitment, but it needs also learning and interaction with like-minded people. In order to support organic leadership, IFOAM offers a course for people assuming present or future responsibilities in the organic world. Through the Organic Leadership Course, IFOAM provides a space for learning and experience, and for developing innovative strategies and strong networks.

The course is targeted at present and future leaders of the organic movement. During the course of one year it will provide an intensive on-the-job learning process empowering you to actively assume greater responsibility in pushing the world towards increased sustainability.

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